Multimedia artist

I work primarily with audio and video - often incorporating practices from documentary film and radio production as well as working with my own field recordings and found sound. Experimentation is a key part of my creative workflow which often involves processing, layering and degrading audio recordings, video and photographs.

My work takes the form of installations, short films, audio pieces and projection work, it has been featured in a number of exhibitions and broadcast internationally.

Experience Composite (2016), Wellcome Collection

Experience Composite, 2016, Video Installation. Wellcome Collection

My practice is interested in exploring the internal states of mind, particularly the fluidity of self and the nature of inner thought, monologue, conscious attention - as well as the attempted scientific study of these. I regularly use my scientific background to inform and direct my work.

Interior Textures (2015), PRAH Foundation Residency, Margate.

The Sound in Silence, the Silence in Sound (2015), AHRC & Imperial College London

The Astronaut’s Dream (2015), Wellcome Collection

The List [3 Movements] (2014), Wellcome Collection / MOSI

The Dustbin Man Cometh (2012), The Wapping Project / In The Dark

Adam As Machine (2011), Folly for a Flyover


2016 - “Now I want to Hoover My Brain Clean” - Video piece for the Wave Pictures, Moshi Moshi Records

2016 - “Experience Composite”, video installation, Wellcome Collection

2015 - “Relaxation / Cacophony Tape”, audio cassette and listening event, Wellcome Collection

2015 - “Some Like Dark”, Audio installation, PARS Foundation / Wellcome Collection

2015 - “The Sound in Silence, The Silence in Sound”, radio documentary, Arts and Humanities Research Council / Imperial College

2014 - “The Listening Post”, Multi-room audio installations, Battersea Arts Centre

2013 - Sound installation, as part of “The Lady in the Sea”, The Wapping Project (closing exhibition)

2013 - “The List”, three part audio narrative comissioned by Wellcome Collection for Dark Matters event at MOSI

2012 - “The Dustbin Man Cometh”, Audio work for In The Dark / Wapping Project, London.

2012 - “Porn Wales”, Audio art for In The Dark’s “One Night Stand” event, London

2012 - Sound installation, as part Passage Exhibition, The Wapping Project


2018 - Audio works and sound design, Julie’s Bicycle / In The Dark, London

2015 - “Some Like Dark”, listening event, PARS Foundation / Wellcome Collection

2013 - “Dark Matters”, listening event, Museum of Science and Industry / Wellcome Collection / In The Dark, Manchester

2012 - Soundscapes and music, “On Location: Writers, Sounds and Poets”, The Guardian & British Library, London

2012 - Cityscapes, The Wapping Project / In The Dark, London

2011 - Adam as Machine, Audio piece, Folly For a Flyover / In The Dark, London


2014 - 2016 - Wellcome Collection, Hubbub Group - Producer in Residence

2014 - PRAH Foundation, Margate