"Leaving The Fold" | BBC World Service

What does it take for someone to leave their faith behind and how do they rebuild their lives when they do?

This documentary feature for the BBC World Service explores the personal journeys of three people who have decided to walk away from their faith and redefine their morality in a world without god.

Moving past feelings of isolation, guilt and betrayal, 'Leaving the Fold’ explores the difficult and often traumatic experiences of those who reject god to ‘come out’ as atheists.

Winner of the Best UK Audio Award (Telling Tales documentary festival), June 2017.

A Radio 4 Pick of the Week & featured in the Times, Telegraph and Guardian.

CLICK HERE to listen / download.

"Relaxation // Cacophony Tape” | Wellcome Collection

Produced in collaboration with In The Dark and the Wellcome Collection's. It was premiered at the Hubbub Late Spectacular at the Wellcome Collection on 4th September 2015 to a sold out audience.

"SOME LIKE DARK" | Wellcome Collection

Excerpts from audio produced for SOME LIKE DARK a collaboration with poet Astrid Alben produced for an immersive listening event held at the Wellcome Collection in April 2015. Audience members were provided with wireless headphones and presented with a collection of visuals and performances exploring themes around light and darkness.

Featuring an interview with physicist Sir John Pendry. Comissioned by the PARS Foundation: www.parsfoundation.com/Treats-on-Light

"The Oxford Sparks Podcast" |University of Oxford

I was asked by the University of Oxford to set-up and create a new science podcast - I produced the first run of the series, presented by astrophysicist and BBC Sky at Night presenter Chris Lintott. The podcast is a sound-rich and playful exploration of scientific concepts from multiple perspectives, each episode is based around a theme (Origins, Matters of scale, Hidden worlds) that is tackled from different areas of science.

"The Sound in Silence, The Silence in Sound"

Part sound poem, part documentary, this piece examines our relationship with silence and the noise that sits within it.

Commissioned by the Arts and Humanity Research Council and broadcast on Resonance.Fm.

“Adam as Machine” | In The Dark

Combining interview material with a forensic pathologist, this poetic sound piece ruminates on the mechanical nature of the human body. This piece was first exhibited at Folly for a Flyover in Hackney and has since been featured in a number of international broadcasts, exhibitions and events.

"The D-Word" | Transom

The D-Word is a documentary that examines our precarious relationship with death. A journey through a hospital morgue, funeral director parlours and church yards to understand the modern meaning of death and why it has become such a taboo. 

My first full length documentary, I was overjoyed to have it picked up and featured by Transom.org.